Tailor & Stitch is a producer of private label and corporate workwear for companies

As organization it's nowadays very important to distinguish yourself. Your corporate identity is leading for the future of your organization. This future you can strengthen by choosing your own corporate workwear.

Who are we? 'We are leading in designing and manufactoring special designed corporate identity uniforms.' Our specialty is the development and production of corporate workwear and private label. We're not only taking care of the designs and production, but we also guide our client in the practical implementation of this entire process. Because Tailor & Stitch Ltd is very close to the market developments, we are constantly informed of the latest trends and safety.

As supplier of corporate workwear and private label, Tailor & Stitch Ltd mostly works with business to business wholesale companies of workwear. By consistently delivering a good service, quality and a flexible way of working the last few years, we established reliable and successful business relations with these partners.

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Corporate workwear

Corporate workwear is starting comfort, combining security and protection against all types of weather with the image and the branding of an organization. Tailor & Stitch is a specialist in the field of corporate workwear.

Private label

Tailor & Stitch produces alongside corporate fashion also merchandise. These items are often given away as an incentive or sold in a store. In addition to the category of clothing is also produced a lot of accessories, among others, shawls, caps, belts, towels and bags.

We deliver weekly unique apparel to wholesalers in workwear and industrial laundry companies